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Charitable giving is the act of giving money, goods or items to the unfortunate people, either directly or by means of a Charitable Trust. Charitable giving as a religious act or duty is referred to as almsgiving or alms. The name stems from the most obvious expression of the virtue of charity; giving the recipients of it the means they need to survive. The impoverished, particularly those widowed or orphaned or disabled, and the ailing or injured, are generally regarded as the proper recipients of charity. The people who cannot support themselves and lack outside means of support sometimes become 'beggars', directly soliciting aid from strangers. Spread Islam Foundation Charitable Trust had taken the challenge of removing and eliminating the poverty as much as possible so people lead a beautiful and joyful life.

Educational Aid

Knowledge is an essential part of everyone’s life, which is initiated through schooling. Brilliant students are identified from the underprivileged society and supported through books and fees thereby giving hopes to achieve their dreams. The neglected school drop outs are taken care by Spread Islam Foundation. We give programmed coaching to these depressed minds and develop an interest by emphasizing on the importance of education. We bring about a confidence of "I CAN" in each soul.

Those who show an absolute "NO INTEREST" are given vocational training programs in Carpentry, Electricals, Plumbing etc based on their line of interest so as to make them independent. Students who aspire for higher studies are supported with specialized coaching and financial support for their success.


Medical Aid

After food and shelter, medicine and medical aid are most important for a happy and healthy life. Today even with the advancement in methods of treatment, a vast number of people are unable to gain access to affordable medication. It is either due to lack of awareness or money. This moved SPREAD ISLAM FOUNDATION to provide medical awareness and support to such patients for their medical expenses.

Mass Weddings

Spread Islam Foundation Charitable Trust has formed a team whose work is to match between the families of Bride and Groom and further arrange the Marriage. This is done free of cost as a social responsibility. Girls who are unmarried are mostly from familieswho cannot afford Dowry nor marriage expenses.We have taken a step forward in eliminating the dowry systemtowards a simple wedding. We also have programs for Widows-for their re-marriageand securing their future.


Food Distribution

Food is the basic right of any living being. Unfortunately many of our brothers and sisters from the rural areas and parts of urban cities are denied this sustenance. To exercise our human nature and keep alive humanity, we at SPREAD ISLAM FOUNDATION have conducted food distribution programs at regular intervals. We identify the underprivileged and the needy and supply them with packaged food, cooked food, ration and supplements. Among the multiple drives hosted by SPREAD ISLAM FOUNDATION, are initiatives to provide to the victims of flood effected areas with food and basic amenities.

Cloth Distribution

In today’s consumer driven world one hardly needs to open his mobile or turn his gaze to the nearest shop and we are flooded with the latest trends in fashion. What we fail to understand, however is the necessity of these garments. Here we learn much from those who cannot afford the luxury of clothes.

SPREAD ISLAM FOUNDATION clothes those who are in need. We give cover and protect them from the harshness of society and weather. Calamity effected places are also the areas of our concern.


Old Aged Help

With the changing trends in the world, people’s concept of family, too is changing. In an ideal world there will not be any concept of old age help, but in harsh reality, such institutions and help is required.

Many old aged people desperately need help for their survival. SPREAD ISLAM FOUNDATION, identifies such old aged people and homes to provide them with essential needs and caring.

In reality there is no concept of old aged help, but unfortunately it is not the scenario today. There are many senior citizens who lack the love and care & the basic necessities of life which they look forwards at this age.There are many who are desperately in need of help for their survival.

We at Spread Islam Foundation Charitable Trust feel the problems of the aged and so have taken a step towards making their life comfortable.

Seminars & Programs

Spread Islam Foundation is on verge of educating the society on the social and religious responsibility via conducting seminars and programs time to time and have vast social media appearance for the same cause. The empowerment of Women in the society and Education of Children is the main agendas covered in recent time. We also holds timely events on how to become a better man whom shall benefits others around, on the philosophy of “Husn –E- Salookh. The Best Behavior”.


Books & literature

When we are talking about spreading awareness among all, the books, leaflets, pamphlets and handbills plays essential role doing it, so does we, having an publication and released book, Spread Islam Foundation is on the job.


Misconceptions and misunderstanding seem to be wide spread in every aspect that we face today; even more so when it is religion.

SPREAD ISLAM FOUNDATION is mainly into removing misconceptions irrespective of the religion. To love and respect the sentiments of others & to live in peace and harmony is the main moto of SPREAD ISLAM FOUNDATION.