Forum Of Reconciliation Of Marriages (F.O.R.O.M)

Nowadays breaking marriages and Divorce became common in our society, people fail to understand the negative impact on each other psychologically and on their children's future. We Spread Islam Foundation started one of its kind Marriage Reconciling Forum where we discuss and reconcile the couple, try and make them understand the value of being together.

Forum Against Dowry (F.A.D)

Dowry is the Stain on our Society, there are several laws against dowry but still people demand dowry during marriages and opposite party has to suffer from this instance. There are thousands of girls are without marriage because they cannot afford to give dowry, This forum of Spread Islam Foundation is to discuss and frame up the possibility to console the both parties to not ot take and not to give dowry and encourage simplest marriage possible.

Forum Aga=inst Child Labor (F.A.C.L)

Every child is rightful to have education and joyful childhood, Spread Islam Foundation formed a team to identify such children and provide them their necessity. By this means we are on a verge of eliminating child labor.

Forum Against Violence On Women (F.A.V.O.W)

Every women by and large are the victim of violence, be it domestic violence or molestation and abuse. Very few cases comes to light, Spread Islam Foundation has special forum of people to counter this issue.

All above Forums are well placed to discuss, debate, meet and formed a team or a person to solicit the issue tabled and or solve the problem on such cases. All are welcome to participate in our forum, for eligibility please fill up the below form.